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Museum v0.5.8

For organizations that want to market a gem in style, Museum uses APIs to provide you with an ever-fresh marketing site for your gems.

Social Tokenizer v0.2.0

Tokenizes strings for use in social applications.

Paid Up v0.13.21

Allows a model of your choosing (such as users) to subscribe to a plan, which enables features.

Friendly Id Method Scopes v0.3.7

FriendlyId Extension to allow method scopes, in addition to column and relationship scopes.

Message Train v0.7.6

Rails 4 & 5 Engine providing private and public messaging for any object, such as Users or Groups

Date Book v0.1.4

Rails 5 Engine to give users their own calendars of events.

Works Cited v0.1.16

Works cited allows you to add a list of the works cited in ActiveRecord objects, to be formatted by a helper that can be added to relevant pages to format the citations like a bibliography.

Cookbook v0.1.6

Cookbook allows you to associate instructions with components in a cross referenced way. Good for cooking recipes or an instruction manual for DIY projects.

Bootswitch v0.6.0

For multi-theme sites, Bootswitch allows a site to configure the Bootswatch theme based on a method set in the initializer file.

Customizable Bootstrap v0.11.1

Customizable bootstrap is designed to get you up and running with a customizable version of boostrap using SASS.

Bootstrap Leather v0.10.13

BootstrapLeather is a collection of view helpers and scaffold generators that makes it easier to create apps using Twitter Bootstrap

Bootstrap Pager v0.11.0

Like its ancestor Kaminari, BootstrapPager is a Scope & Engine based, clean, powerful, agnostic, customizable and sophisticated paginator for Rails 3+. Now with more shiny, including infinite paging, bootstrap integration, and the ability to use it within an engine.

Private Person v0.5.0

Private person is an active record extension gem that allows a model to be given privacy settings over arbitrary models and polymorphic relations, putting users' accounts in control of their own privacy policies.